Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The 2nd Carnival Of Hijacked Holidays!

Don't bother clicking to order. I stole the image from an e-mail I received.

Well, since it was sent to me, I guess I didn't really steal it. The bear's name is Halloween Herman. Cute son of a gun. However, since his picture arrived in my e-mail during the month of September, he should ROT IN TEDDY HELL!!! Fie on you, Herman, and a pox and a curse on your marketers for sending you to me so far in advance of the holiday you represent!

Aw, geez. What kind of heartless jerk would condemn a lovely bear like Herman to the fires of eternal damnation just because he showed up a little bit early? I mean, he really is cute, isn't he? And he seems to be a bargain, too. Just $9.95 and you can personalize him with the name of your child.

Oh, alright, Herman. You're forgiven. You can come back from Hell now.

Oooooops! Too late. Oh, well. Here's the 2nd edition of A Carnival Of Hijacked Holidays anyway!

(By the way, I'm absolutely thrilled with the progress of this carnival. There was a 100% increase in submissions for this edition! That's right - four this time, as opposed to the two I received for the first one. I suppose it might help matters if I were to update this blog more often than once a month, but since I have an actual paying job and another blog that I update almost daily - PLUG! - as well as being a hideously lazy old geezer - that's not likely to happen anytime soon.)

Here are this month's submissions:

Linda Freedman presents Yom Kippur posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist.

This is a lovely, and loving, tale; well-written and touching. I enjoyed it immensely and you will, too.

Jennifer Miner sends in Spend Money this Halloween: Don't settle for cheap costumes and candy; have an upscale Halloween!

Good read. And not only do you get that one, but at the end of it you get links to three more Halloween writings from Jennifer. Woo Hoo! Pass the candy corn!

Eli Liechty presents LuckyFork - Share Recipies, Nutrition Tips, and Restaurant Deals posted at Fact: Your Halloween Candy Has Insects In It.

Well, YUCK!

(Be sure to click onto page two for more.)

Hey, remember what I said above about passing the candy corn? Never mind.

Nehring presents Nehring The Edge: SURVIVING CHRISTMAS (2004) movie reviews posted at Nehring The Edge.

Nehring is rather harsh on Ben Affleck. As a matter of fact, Ben Affleck would be appalled if he came here and clicked over to there. But, what chance is there of that, really? Like Ben Affleck will be reading anything I wrote... What, does he think he's too good for my blog? Screw you, Ben Affleck!

And that will do it for this edition. Thank you for your submissions, and thank you for reading.

While you're here, I'd like to remind you about the point of this blog. It is a platform for saying whatever you want to say concerning a holiday. It can be a complaint or it can be a nice story or anything else that's on your mind. I originally started this as a place to post complaints about advertisements that come way too early for the holiday they want to sell you stuff for. So, got a gripe? Put it here. I won't censor. I might make a snarky comment or two, but that's the price you pay for fame.

See you next time!


Therapy Doc said...

Thanks so much, Jim, glad you liked it. Enjoy the holidays to come, Linda

Suldog said...

Thank YOU, Linda!

Anonymous said...

44 is the best dam hitter for the bombers in it's 12 years

528 baby and i don't mean my weight