Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bah! Humbug!

(Just a quick 'Thank You!' to all who have responded thus far. I'll be posting something else here soon, I hope. Keep 'em coming, please.)

Welcome to Bah! Humbug!

I love Christmas. I love holidays in general. However, would you like to know what I hate with a passion? Doesn't matter; I'm going to tell you anyway.


Since the most egregious offenders are usually those advertising Christmas-related items, I chose Scrooge's fitting epithet as the blog's name.

This site is dedicated to costing those retailers business, unless they reform their noxious habits.

Every time I see someone advertising a holiday specific item more than four weeks (28 days) in advance of the holiday, I will report it here. Anytime a retailer advertises a holiday prior to the previous major holiday having happened, same thing. For instance, Christmas ads before Thanksgiving.

I welcome you to do the same, by e-mailing me at and telling me all about the offensive ad or retailer. I will post all of your submissions here.

My fervent hope is that, when you see someone reported here as having made your holiday a bit less jolly by overemphasizing the commercial aspects, you will boycott that advertiser or retailer.

You may also, of course, come to an advertiser's defense. It is a free country, more-or-less, and I welcome opposing viewpoints.

To begin this exercise, let me point out that it is now August 16th, 2006. And, as pointed out at Universal Hub, the Brooks Pharmacy on Washington Street in Roslindale, Massachusetts, has started hawking Halloween candy. Fie! Fie, I say! And a pox - one incurable by all of the hideous ungents and ointments available in your odious store - upon Brooks Pharmacy!

More as it occurs.

(By the way, I heartily endorse A Charlie Brown Christmas. I chose the graphic not because it represents the worst of the season, but rather the best.)

(Of course, Snoopy's decorating of his doghouse, in order to win a competition, was an excellent example of what I'm trying to stamp out.)


Stop it! said...

I would like to say that a co-worker of mine was singing a Christmas carol this morning. Then she went so far as to say, "Hey, Christmas is only 4 months away."

If she keeps this up, I'm going to have to string her up with Christmas lights-and I won't care how far away the Holiday is.

Suldog said...

LOL! That's exactly the kind of irrational venom I was hoping for!



Stu said...

I am not making this up: In yesterdays mail we received a catalog from Landmark Collection which features "Personalized Holiday Cards". Leslie and I laughed at how early it came, and look how great the timing is with your new blog, which I think is genius!

Suldog said...

Thank you, Stu. That's the sort of stuff that drives me up a wall.

As for genius, well, it takes one to know one.

Sharfa said...

Shit Suldog - you're going to be very busy come HALLOWEEN! That's when it seems to start nowadays. It's an effective tactic to brainwash the kids and convince them they can't live without the next best thing. That way they have 2 months or more to wear down their parents. Parents will buy said 'next best thing' just to get the kid to shut up.

It's not right. I'm with ya on this one!

Thimbelle said...

Oh, the shelves were still warm from the School Supplies at our local W-M when...

...they were swept clean, only to be replenished with THANKSGIVING decorations, tableware, paper supplies, etc.

Date: 08/21/06 Time: 7:03 pm

Humbug, indeed!

Suldog said...

Thanks for the posting!

I know I've only posted to the site once myself so far, but it will ramp up soon - as I spot more egregious offenses like this one.


connie/mom said...

How about the Rockettes dancing to Christmas music in their little red velvet costumes and
Santa hats on the Today Show this morning (8/23)? They were letting everyone know that tickets go on sale tomorrow for their annual Christmas show.

Thimbelle said...

Connie, that is yet another compelling reason NOT to watch morning TV! ;)


Suldog said...

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Look at what's advertised at the top of the page!

Suldog said...

Well, it WAS an ad for Christmas DVDs...

Stop it! said...

Work sent me to a Microsoft Word training class yesterday. Nice of them.
Anyway, we all started playing with work art-trying to get to know it, etc.
Well, this really dumb lady decided that she would make the words "Merry Christmas," look cool. "Wow!" She exclaimed, "I could make Christmas Cards!"
Yeah, lady-you could make Christmas cards, but you may want to wait A FEW MONTHS BEFORE YOU START THINKING ABOUT IT.
Do you not have any respect for Labor Day, Halloween, or Thanksgiving? must chill.

Anonymous said...

TJ MAXX in Dedham has had Christmas stuff in for the last 2-3 weeks......I walked out of the housewares area pronto....

Christine in West Roxbury